About Us

Why Gutterboy?

For nearly two decades, Gutterboy has lead a qualified and fully insured team of tradesmen to homes throughout the Sydney region. Tradesmen who show respect not only for your castle, but also your time.

We understand that life is stressful and busy and that house maintenance (especially involving heights) is often the last way you want to spend your hard-earned weekend.

Gutterboy can look after the tricky tasks that are essential to ensuring your safety and minimising potentially expensive up-keep of your home.

Our fully insured crew adhere to OH & S standards and take serious appropriate safety precautions such as wearing harnesses.

Blocked gutters can be a very serious problem. Gutters filled with dry leaf litter are bushfire time bombs waiting to go off. Poorly functioning roof drainage often causes expensive water damage to ceilings and electrical wiring.

And the build-up of acidic leaf mulch corrodes gutters and pipes which can mean costly repairs or replacement down the track. Thankfully, you’ll never need to worry about any of these things thanks to the quality, convenient gutter care offered by Gutterboy.

You’ll find us to be friendly, scrupulously clean and unfailingly prompt. To make things easier, we can provide an estimate over the phone and then a comprehensive quote onsite with a discount if the job is done on the same day. We can even get on with the work without you having to be there.

You’ll be delighted once the job is complete. We can provide sample photographic records of the gutters cleaned and repairs completed if needed. For your complete peace of mind, we can even set up a six monthly or yearly gutter maintenance program for you, complete with free reminders.