Our Services

We understand that your home is also your castle. With a professional approach we take pride in our service and have provided the bench mark in delivering a unique experience that keeps our clients coming back.

We are known for our Professional Gutter Cleaning, but that’s not all we do…

We offer:

  • to meet you for an onsite quote or attend while you are out and phone the *quote to you!
  • Gutter cleaning, including flushing of all downpipes
  • Gutter repair and downpipe repair
  • Gutter installation and gutter replacement
  • Installation of Gutter Guards or other gutter protection
  • Bedding and pointing, roof and gutter maintenance
  • Roof repairs and maintenance
  • Seal and/or replace cracked tiles
  • Branch trimming
  • Free roof inspection by qualified tradesperson
  • Leave grounds/verandas as clean as we found them
  • Set up annual/monthly reminder calls

*Discounts are given if you accept the quote on the spot!

We specialise is Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Repairs, Gutter Replacement and Gutter Guards

If you have any specific or special requests, we are happy to discuss these with you.

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Why Not Try DIY Gutter Cleaning?

Maybe your considering just to do the gutter cleaning or gutter repairs yourself? Of course, that’s up to you, here at Gutterboy Gutter Cleaning we surely don’t want to force anyone to use our services, but here’s something to consider…

Here’s an official report showing some stats relating to ladder related accidents. If you’re brave enough to read you it you will see statements like:

“You only have to fall from 1–2 metres off a ladder to suffer serious injuries or death.”

“On average, 19.4 Australians — mainly men — die each year after falling from a ladder”

Our motto is “Safety First”… so why not let us put your safety first by letting us take care of all your sydney gutter cleaning needs, while you sit back safely and enjoy some time with your family.

*NOTE* All roof plumbing that exceeds $5000 will be referred to our preferred licensed contractor as per the Home Building Act January 2015